Selected Poems of Arlen Riley Wilson

Quiet Lady


I am not sure these rumors are about
A place that's real or not, nor is it likely
I will ever know. Inquiring out loud
About such things would be a mark
Of....what? Ingratitude. Come closer though.

They say that ordinary women there
Could walk outside at night without fear.
I try to imagine what it would be like
To see the moon through branches
While my heels click down a street.
I cannot finish the thought.

I know our dangers are the price we pay
For freedom. This has been explained to me.

Then on the other hand they say
This far-off place has freedom
But no maddened poor.

I know
This isn't right. That's not the way
We're made. It's lies.
Still just to see
How it would feel I think yes
I would like to go there once
Before I die.



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