Selected Poems of Arlen Riley Wilson

An Easter Song

"Quam quaeritis in seplche, O Christicolae?" *

Ye Christian ladies rejoice with me
And think of the solace we must be to Him
As we celebrate His descent into Hell
With a hot cross bun
And His victory over death
With a new hat.
Let us today be doubly sure
That our country's cause is just
And that our hemlines are straight.
Let us be strengthened by the fact
That although our-nation-is-beset-
Abroad, we did not eat untimely meat
Or forbidden sweet and actually
Lost several pounds during Lent.
Let us resolve once more to leave
The running of this world to men
Who make it the rewarding and
Well-organized existence that we know,
Those of us at least who have deserved
It so, who by our virtue
Merit decent homes, hope for our children
And a hat with paper flowers
For our social call this Sunday
On the risen Christ,
The nice Christ.


"Quam quaeritis in seplchre, O Christicolae?"
Why do you seek Him in the grave, O little Christian ladies?


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