Selected Poems of Arlen Riley Wilson

Announcement 1969

As a former love freak
I have an announcement to make:
I have learned to hate.

Hatred is a liberating thing,
It releases energies.

For many years I despaired
Of ever experiencing
True hate.
I always tripped
On the fallible,
The forgivable,
The understandable.

But as the film of love
Cleared from my eyes
I saw them clearly etched:
Those to whom I, my children,
My loves and my friends
Are casually expendable --
For principles, or for
Convenience, or as
A regrettable

All we have built
And hoped for and done
Are nothing to them,
To the grey men
With the artificially
Human complexions.

They are not only here
But everywhere,
An exclusive clique.

Moral appeals
Are pitiful squeaks
Of rats in a trap.

Far better
The bared teeth
And the poisoned

Small things can be rabid.
Witness a mad rat.

So tremble, grey men.
Not only I have teeth.
The Day of the Mad Rat
Is at hand,


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